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Superhero Sam – Editorial Portrait

By October 5, 2014July 29th, 2018Editorial Photography, Portrait Photography

Meet Sam, Helper of People. He’s a Pharmacy Business Manager for AmCal as well as being a working paramedic – oh and he also did volunteer help during the Victorian bushfires last summer.

Sharon was commisioned to shoot an editorial portrait of Sam for the October cover of PostScript magazine – here’s the final cover shot, plus an image that didn’t make the mag but was one of our faves :D

Sam Maalouf for PostScript magazine, editorial phtography by Image Workshop photographer Sharon Blance, Melbourne

The whole shoot came together at the 11th hour due to unforseen last-minute editorial changes – Sharon got a call late one afternoon to ask if she could do the shoot the next morning and deliver final retouched images the next day.  Challenge accepted!

Sam made time for Sharon to shoot him on site at the pharmacy during what turned out to be a very busy morning, and he was over the moon with the final cover shot and the article:

“My family and friends have shed some tears when reading the article – Thank you all for being part of the great chapter in my life.”

A little later we heard the article was having a great knock-on effect for Sam in another email:

“The article you have done and worked so hard on has made me famous! I have had multiple calls, msgs and emails, and have been invited as a guest speaker at App and PSA conferences. Thank you!”

It’s so nice to hear that a relativley small job that was put together at the last minute has had such a positive effect on someone’s life. Given how much time Sam spends helping other people feel well and safe, we think it’s great to see such positive karma flowing back his way.

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