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It started with a call from Garden Beet, one of Australia’s premium vertical garden designers for residential and commercial fitouts. They’d completed a vertical green wall installation for Telstra at Highpoint, but were having trouble getting a good photo of it for their web & print marketing.

In fact they’d already sent another photographer to shoot the wall, but were unhappy with the results. Could Image Workshop do better? (spoiler alert… the answer is ‘hell yeah!’)


Telstra green wall installation by Garden Beet, photographed by Image Workshop in Melbourne

Image Workshop photographer Sharon Blance was on the case. Sharon is a total detail nerrrrrrrrd (i.e. exactly the kind of photographer you want for a project like this). She immediately started sketching a shoot plan to take into account the many variables in play like:

  • the umpteen different ambient light sources at the scene
  • the proximity of a railing that forced the shot to be done at a super wide angle
  • avoiding reflections in the glass of other brand logos and signage from nearby shops
  • the client’s need for an extra-wide image that could cover off a multitude of marketing applications from a panoramic web banner to a print brochure

Some jobs you can get everything in one frame. Other jobs, like this, you take the approach of ‘shooting for source material’, knowing you’re going to comp it together in post.

The final shot above is a composite of 6 frames, of which 2 were shot specifically just for the foliage to get the highlights, shadows and green tones just right and ensure the plants looked their absolute best. Perspective was meticulously corrected to compensate for the need to shoot wide angle, and the whole image was given our usual in-house polish to make everything shine.

Stitching frames together to gain extra width needed for the panoramic website slice means no resolution is lost, and if Garden Beet wants to crop and print the image for a brochure, all the details in each leaf are still going to sparkle.

Got a squirrely photography project you need a detail nerd for? Give us a shout ?

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