Final album with white vinyl! Cover art for the 'This version is no longer supported' album, created by Image Workshop photography. Creative concept photographers in Melbourne.

This Version Is No Longer Supported – Retro-inspired album cover art

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THIS JUST IN! Sharon Blance just won 6th place for this album cover image in the highly contested ‘Portrait’ category of the Australian Photography Awards!  Cracking the top ten country-wide is a huge achievement – nice one Sharon! See more on the APA awards winners gallery.   Retro-yet-futuristic android inspired theme? Check. Coloured lights and tech-y projections? Check. Personal love of sci-fi and surreal weird stuff? Check. Inspirational photoshoot playlist with music from 8-bit Circuit Bent…

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Angliss Hotel school - Hospitality Photography Melbourne - Melbourne photographer

Flexible Brand Library for a Hotel School

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William Angliss Institue is already well known for world class hotel, tourism and hospitality training. They’ve now created the Angliss International Hotel School, which is a new offering specializing in hotel management training, and includes a custom fit-out on campus specially designed to support their specific needs. They wanted to create a brand library of compelling hospitality photography to be used for their key marketing initiatives that would appeal to prospective students whilst also conveying the high quality that the…

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Marine scientist Rick Hamilton photographed for Nature Conservancy by Melbourne photographer Sharon Blance

Marine scientist editorial portrait for Nature Conservancy magazine

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The Nature Conservancy is a US-based organisation dedicated to ecological conservation, with over 600 scientists working on projects in 69 countries. Rick Hamilton, a marine scientist based in Brisbane, Australia, works extensively in marine environments and recently (re)discovered the rare crusty Nautilus – an elusive sea creature last seen alive in the 1980s. The June/July issue of Nature Conservancy magazine would feature an essay on Rick’s diving mission to find the secretive Nautilus. We went on assigment to meet Rick in Brisbane to create an…

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Annual Report Photography – out of the office and into the street

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It’s awesome when clients trust us to do something more out of the box than they’re used to. We’re pleased to have created the latest annual report photography for CCMC – the Code Compliance Monitoring Committee, working alongside Mackay Branson design. CCMC monitors banks’ compliance with the Code of Banking Practice and investigates allegations of misconduct. It sounds a little dry I know; but really they’re looking out for people like you and I, and making sure banks aren’t doing anything dodgy….

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Portrait of chef-in-training

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One of our final shots of 2015 was this portrait of apprentice Laura Kirby who has commenced working at prestigious Melbourne restaurant The European. Laura is one of six apprentices working across a range of award-winning Melbourne restaurants as part of an Indigenous pre-employment program by the National Indigenous Culinary Institute (NICI), in partnership with William Angliss Institute. The ‘Skills for Success’ program is focused on creating highly skilled Indigenous chefs and providing them with lifelong mentors in the industry….

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Return to Hanging Rock: The Exhibition

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Image Workshop photographer Sharon Blance is pleased to be featured in a brand new exhibition staged by the National Trust exploring the enduring legacy of Picnic at Hanging Rock. 40 years ago the film galvanised Australian cinema with its dreamy, surreal visual interpretation of an already-iconic mystery story. Picnic at Hanging Rock – both the book and film – are deeply etched on the Australian psyche and hold a special place in the cultural consciousness. Such is the enduring legacy of Picnic that the…

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Old tech new decks teaser video - Image Workshop Photography

Old Tech New Decks – Teaser video for an experimental music show

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We recently blogged about a conceptual photoshoot for the experimental Melbourne Fringe Festival show Old Tech New Decks, where we created promo photos using a prop cello built out of crazy old retro technology. “But why just do stills photography,” we asked ourselves, “when we can also make a cool teaser VIDEO to promote the show!” So, once again working with a shoestring budget, we planned & executed a short motion project to make a fun trailer starring a few Old Tech items and the nostalgic…

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Retro old tech cello, created & photographed by Image Workshop Melbourne

Old Tech New Decks – promo photography for an experimental music show

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We set out to build a replica cello out of bits and pieces of retro technology. I mean, pfffft, how hard could it be? Composer & performer Vanessa Nimmo asked us about creating promo photography for a Melbourne Fringe Festival show she was working on. Titled Old Tech, New Decks the performance was based around creating music using the nostalgic sounds of old technology: the screeching of a dial-up modem, the rhythmic clacking of typewriter keys, that distinctively ear-grating Nokia…

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