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Darkness and Light at PX3 Paris 2021

By September 22, 2021Personal Work
Sharon Blance wins honourable mentions at PX3 Paris 2021

Images from ‘Transcendence’ and ‘The Visitors’, two image series recently honoured at PX3 Paris

Image Workshop Photographer Sharon Blance was recently awarded two Honourable Mentions in the Fine Art category at the 2021 PX3 Prix de la Photographie awards in Paris.

Sharon’s two image collections explore the realms of light and darkness.

The angelic apparitions in ‘Transcendence were created after studying the neurological science of the mental experience of the viewer and how we infuse images with psychological meaning.  Sharon created these images in an extremely mundane place: the subject is still while the photographer is in flux, contorting and performing a strange, physical ritualistic dance to conjure forth a new kind of transformative vision.


Meanwhile, the shadowy images from The Visitors are part of an ongoing body of work started during lockdown exploring ideas about transience, decay, cycles, and transitional states of being, and partly inspired by 18th Century scientific indices such as Banks’ Florilegium.

The Visitors - image series by Sharon Blance photographer

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