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Staff Headshots - Wardrobe Tips

Look your best for your headshot session

Please arrive for your headshot photo-ready!

That means things like:

    • Consider if you want to wear a tie – if so have it on, tied nicely and ready to go
    • If you wear makeup, ensure it’s fresh and touched up
    • Ensure glasses are clean and smudge-free
    • Wear clothing you’re feel good in and fits well (and is ideally crease-free!)

Pale shirts blend in with the background

We’ll be using a white background for the photos.

White or pale clothing can wash out – so if you’re planning a plain white/pale business shirt or blouse it’s a good idea to wear a contrasting (darker) jacket or layer over top.

White clothing can wash out against the light backdrop…

… whereas a contrasting jacket or layer worn over a white shirt helps you stand out

A knitted jumper is another great choice for layering over a pale business shirt

Feel free to wear colour (if that’s your style)

Pops of colour and solid colours can look great – think coloured shirts, ties or accessories.

Mid-tones and darker colours contrast well with the pale background.

Is patterned clothing ok?

Pattens are fine, but be aware that overly large or very bold or angular patterns can be distracting in a headshot.

If you’re unsure, keep the pattern to an accent item like a scarf or tie, or wear a pattern under a more plain jacket/cardigan.

Patterns can work well, just consider how ‘dominant’ you want the pattern to be

Bold patterns can work better in
smaller doses – consider layering

Be yourself!

The above are general tips for safe choices if you want some styling direction, but our top tip is ‘You do You’

If you’ve got a distinctive style that’s great!  Arrive how you want to be photographed –  if that means rocking a bold pattern then go for it.

Got a distinctive style? No problem!