Our name in lights! Image Workshop featured on Fstoppers

We’re super excited and exchanging giddy high-fives today because Image Workshop has been featured on photography industry uber-website Fstoppers.  Zoiks!

We recently produced a cool behind- the-scenes video of a shoot we did in 2011 with the Damaged Duo circus company. We entered our BTS video in the annual Fstoppers Behind-the-Scenes video contest (the contest deadline served as a timely kick-in-the-butt to actually get our video finished) – and it’s just been selected by the Fstoppers team as a featured video on their site.

The video shows us working with Damaged Duo’s Mim and Neisha, a couple of amazingly talented female circo-arts performers who dangled and spun from ropes, straps and chains while we crafted some cool promo pictures of them.

You can check out the full selection of promo photos on our Damaged Duo project page.

damaged duo circus promotional portraits damaged duo circus promotional portraits

We’re pretty stoked about it, given the incredible calibre of photographers that Fstoppers features on its widely read pages, so it’s happy smiles all round at the Image Workshop at the moment.

The video of us working with the Damaged Duo is in the Video section of our website, but we thought we’d repost it below so you can have a look-see without all the bother of browsing to a different web page :D

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