Jarrod frocks up for frocktober

You don’t often see men dressing up in frocks, let alone to do a glamourous 1930s style photoshoot. This short promotional video showcases one man’s efforts to raise money for ovarian cancer research – shot, edited and published by Image Workshop in just two days – Jarrod Bates explains why he’s wearing a bejeweled gown and how you can help a worthy cause.


This video, commissioned by the 6th SCAPE Christchurch Biennial of Art in Public Space, explores Melbourne artist Ash Keating’s “Gardensity” installation: a physical structure housing a film projection about the future of inner-city living in Christchurch plus an online discussion forum.

Behind the Scenes

Bendy girls with ropes and chains – circo arts photoshoot with the Damaged Duo

Don’t try this at home, kids!

Come join us in a warehouse as we shoot some promo portraits of alternative circus performers the Damaged Duo. These girls do stuff you have see see to believe – luckily you can see the final pics from both this and a second shoot (Contortion! Juggling!) in our Project Gallery.

Plus we’ve chucked some lighting diagrams and camera info in the video for fellow lighting nerds out there on the ‘net.